“I Make Embarrassing, Small Mistakes When Speaking English”

Here’s How to Make Your English Confident and Correct…

Jade Joddle:
Speech Teacher
and English Trainer

“By removing errors from your English, I will train you to speak like the confident professional you are in your native language.

YOUR RESULT: the high-level professional status and respect you get from speaking English correctly.

Is Your English Good Enough?

Here’s How to Make Your English Confident and Correct

Speaking English fluently without making mistakes puts you at the front of the professional pack. Getting to the top requires an ongoing investment of your time and effort, but who said success in life should come easily?

You don’t need correct English to get a low-wage, low-status job in the UK, therefore most non-native speakers stay stuck at the lowest level.

In truth, only non-native speaker professionals need to speak well. This is because they compete with native English speakers for the same jobs. Unless you improve your speaking by catching up with the natives, you will lack confidence at work.

English Pronunciation Is Troublesome

Why You Need My Help to Fix Your Mistakes

  • Your colleagues judge you and behave in a superior way when you say words incorrectly.

  • Nobody corrects your English because pointing out your mistakes is considered impolite.

  • You make the same 100+ common mistakes as most other foreigners. Remove these and your confidence will soar.

When there are mistakes in your English…

  • Your confidence is low

  • Your authority is undermined at work

  • You make embarrassing mistakes

  • You feel inferior to native speakers

When you speak English correctly…

  • You have high-status

  • You command respect at work

  • You hold your head high

  • You speak fearlessly with native speakers

About Your Teacher Jade Joddle

Jade is a speech teacher and English trainer who teaches non-native speaker professionals to speak well so that they thrive and succeed.

She is best known for her English teaching videos on YouTube which have amassed an incredible 50+ million views.







English Jade

My English Jade course teaches you confident and correct English pronunciation. I will teach you to:

  • Remove common mistakes

  • Speak in a standard way

  • Pronounce difficult words correctly

  • Speak English more confidently

One Year Subscription
(cancel any time)

  • Learn by Listening

    Get emailed 2 training lessons each month to remove mistakes from your English (Audio MP3)

  • Study the Lesson Notes

    Each lesson comes with detailed lesson notes filled with tips, tricks and insights to improve your speaking (PDF)

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Use the repeat-after-me audio files that come with each lesson to practice correct English

  • Exclusive Content

    Only subscribers get the exclusive lesson notes and practice audios

  • Time-Friendly Method

    For best results, all it takes is 10 minutes of regular practice

  • Refund Guarantee

    If you change your mind within 28 days, let me know and get a full refund

  • Yearly Subscription

    Get an entire year's training for a single payment of £89.99

    *Your subscription will automatically renew after 12 months. Don’t want your subscription
    to auto-renew? Simply send me an email to cancel it.

Is This Course for You?

Important Work Takes Time

It’s impossible to teach you correct English in a hurry. With English Jade, you get 2 lessons each month so that you absorb the information gradually. Only consider joining if you want to improve your speaking at a steady pace by making a consistent effort.

Pay Attention to the Details

Professionals speak like professionals: they know the rules of English and speak in a standard way. This course includes demanding speech-training exercises which aren’t suitable for beginners. Don’t join this course if the small details of speaking English correctly aren’t important to you.

Audio Training with Written Lesson Notes

Download the lesson audios (MP3) and notes (PDF) to your smartphone, laptop or desktop. Play each audio file lesson and repeat-after-me by using the notes as a script. You need an internet connection and a suitable device to download this training. Before you join, be aware that this training consists of audio lessons only *no videos are included.

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